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Professional Practitioners

Healthcare is a complicated industry, especially when considering the dynamic integration of Eastern and Western Medicine. Trailhead Health needed to be relevant to doctors and practitioners, while also engaging a diverse consumer base.


A brand that naturally represents medicine and speaks to practitioners, doctors, and patient care facilities.



The healthcare industry typically looks and sounds the same, but Trailhead Health is totally different species upon examination.


Combing the essence of Eastern philosophies with Western medicine to educate consumers on how they are the perfect mixture.

Done The Right Way…

After the research and naming exercises, we created mood boards for some of the different ways Trailhead could be visually executed – with great results and a happy client.

Your Guide to Holistic Healthcare

In addition to the name and mood boards, we helped develop the positioning and brand story which included the mission, vision, and values, plus visual cues like custom icon sets, imagery, fonts, colors. Just as they guide people from injury to health, we guided them from concept through launch.

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