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Primed for Launch

The Paint Network was a unique idea functioning like a trade union and association, but with more components. We helped them with market research and analysis, concept definition, branding and positioning, and a go-to-market strategy.


From the pitch and investor decks through the website and sales collateral—a single brand experience.


Carefully tailored messages that spoke to the market supply and demand equally.


Despite having three different target markets and four service offerings, a single value proposition drove results in every category.


Taking a complex idea and distilling it down to the simple benefits isn’t easy but something that we passionately do for the Paint Network, across all support material, both digital and print. Both selling and educating the audience at the same time.

A Topcoat

While the foundation and message is critical to one’s success, the visual appeal is just as important. The Paint Industry is a well established and close-knit community, most people know each other, and have little interest in newcomers but with a brand that reflected traditional values yet had modern appeal—The Paint Network was welcomed with open arms.

Full Coverage

The Paint Network didn’t need “just another website.” They wanted a storefront that also served as a resource center for the members. Additionally, it needed to speak to and work for affiliate partners as well. In the most concise way possible, all parameters were met and all audiences addressed.

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