Fern and Nexxt Show


The Challenge

How do we support two dynamic and unique face-to-face marketing event producers, that go-to-market under the same operating umbrella, but have distinctly different positions in the marketplace?

The Solution

We leverage their respective brand identities and rich histories to develop authentic and compelling brand executions that are distinctly different and true to form, while representing their shared core values and beliefs.

Introducing the Fern and Nexxt Show brands.


An important part of a sub-brand is the visual approach and personality, ensuring that it’s on-brand for the primary guide yet is meaningfully different for the people that it’s speaking to. For Fern Brand Connections, it meant providing a trendy urban appeal with more casual and personal message—and it worked out splendidly with almost double the leads and exhibit engagement year-over-year.

A Compelling Case

Just because you look and sound like you fit in, doesn’t mean that you’ll be accepted. For that, it takes a little street cred and, more importantly, proof that you can do the job better than most. So that’s exactly what we did—highlighting some amazing projects that fit the bill.

Now Presenting…

Having a great product offering means very little if no one knows or can clearly and concisely understand the value. So we reduced and refined Fern’s usual presentation to be 30% shorter, more client focused, and flexible—so the presentation was a better fit for the specific audience. And, boy, was it well received: the team was able to secure the first 3 projects it was used on.

Showing Off

Nexxt Show Exhibition Services needed a modern, flexible look to compliment their unique and creative approach to experiential marketing support. We started by developing a design system of simple angled forms that elegantly incorporates message-specific imagery and evokes the dimensionality inherent in event marketing. This was codified into a straightforward brand guide.

Exxcellently Exxecuted

Nexxt Show’s commitment to the visual system has increased consistency and efficiency, allowing our team and theirs to develop more beautiful branded materials more quickly.

Comfortably Different

One of Nexxt Show’s differentiators is their Exhibitor Lounge and Marketplace—far more inviting than competitors’ service desks. We built an informative and fun animated slideshow to help them spread the word across the nation and at the show.

The Next Level

With our help, Nexxt Show was able to elevate not only their marketing materials but their entire customer experience—on paper and in-person.

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